Scientific Meeting and XIII National Ta’aruf of Islamic Unity Youth (PERSIS) Environmental Conservation and Advocacy  

The scientific meeting and the XIII ta’aruf was held at Gunung Marang Cimaung campground, Bandung regency, West Java. 3000 Islamic Unity Youth participants from all over Indonesia enliven the camp site. The event held in this location because to adjust the theme raised “conservation and advocacy of the environment” and to be more solemn and feel the peacefulness of blending with nature, said Ahmad Sofian as chairman of the committee in the opening of Scientific discussions on Saturday morning 9th September 2017.

During the discussion, Budy, one of Wanadri members who are also active in Islamic Unity Youth Bandung Branch served as moderator and the speakers are Mr. Wiratno from Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MEF), Roni a Campus environmentalists from UIN Bandung and M.Islah Manager of Education and Caderization WALHI National.

Mr. Wiratno from MEF explains the opportunities that can be accessed by Persis Youth in their need to conduct advocacy activities, for example in planting, breeding and invitation to keep the forest together.

While Roni explains how the nature conservation movement can be applied with theological.

Then Islah explain further about what advocacy is by keeping the environment,  maintaining biodiversity and paying attention to the carrying and environmental capacity then intergenerational justice is maintained. When the environment is maintained fairly then the environment will remain sustainable so that it can continue to provide the necessities of life for every creature.

In question and answer session, the participants were very enthusiastic to ask the speakers and did not hesitate to argue. They also told about the environmental conditions in their respective areas, they also realized that there had been environmental damage even in the area itself. Islah at the end of his presentation invites to unite together, united, solidarity and organize in environmental advocacy efforts and always progressive and not only “hablum minallah hablum minannas” but also “hablum minal alam” (human relationships, relationship with GOD and human relationship with nature). At the end of the activity the participants planted a coffee tree symbolically and Persis gave a sprightly youth jewelry jacket to the three presenters. As a souvenir.



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